Textile Research and Development Association International (TRDAI) expects to create a brand-new textile era through the research and development of knowledge and technology.

The operational trajectory of Taiwan's textile industry has been more than half a century. In conjunction with the R&D and application of information tools and high technology, as well as the long-term training of professionals, we have strengthened the integration of domestic resources, mastered the pulse and trend of the international market, and created a new era for the textile industry. Become the focus of the global textile industry.

This is a challenge of wisdom and courage, and it is also our expectation of self-affirmation and relaunch. TRDAI will be one of the most loyal and indispensable good friends in Taiwan's textile industry. Welcome to join TRDAI and create a new era in the textile industry.

History of our association

Textile Research and Development Association International, also known as TRDAI, is an association dedicated to combine the newest technologies and innovations to bring forward a new textile era.

TRDAI was established in 1999 under the support of Taiwan Textile Research Institute. The textile industry was moving from mass production towards more functional and more valuable products. TRDAI provided a suitable platform for companies from the textile industry to cooperate, to develop and to share resources. Working together to help Taiwan textile industry to expand to the next level.

Functionality, fashion and environmental issue are the three core values of the textile industry. TRDAI has assisted its members in international exhibitions and which, in turn, has became leaders in the worldwide fabric supply chain.

Under the support of TRDAI, a new alliance (Taiwan Outdoor Group) was created in 2013. The mission is to bridge functional fabric chains with outdoor and leisure markets, adding even more value for both industries.Mutual cooperation with international alliances such as Scandinavian Outdoor Group and Swiss Textile Federation, TRDAI & TOG are bound to become an even more international association.

Memorable moments

Textile Research and Development Association International was established.The first Asia Innovative Apparel Competition was held.
Organized delegations to visit relevant institutions in Europe to establish an international exchange relationship.
Participated in the Central and South American Textile Research Group.
Organized delegations to visit PV show in France.
Organized delegations to visit ISPO show in Germany. Established cooperation with Scandinavian Outdoor Group.
Formed Taiwan Outdoor Group (TOG), transforming functional textile supply chains into outdoor industry.
Organized delegations to visit Mammut headquarter in Switzerland.
Taiwan Outdoor Company was established, leading TOG members into China market. The first edition of Taiwan Outdoor Show (TOS) was held in Taipei. TOG held its first competition, TOG Award.
Signed Mutual Agreement with Swiss Textile Federation and Scandinavian Outdoor Group.


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